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Phoenix Kaelen
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Condensed: Read this paragraph if the rest is tl;dr
Phoenix is an angel from another world, the only one of his kind.
He has demonstrated no typical godlike powers, but getting to know, or talking to him, may induce a feeling of content and comfort in an individual. Equally, demons or vampires might be overly-interested in his air of 'innocence'. It's up to your muse to feel these effects or not.

This is OU, the muse’s only AU is irony!verse

His world:
Kaldoa and its star system lie within a sentient formation known as the Danae Nebula. It has created all life on the world genetically; this includes the twelve gods/immortals that rule. Five of these gods are still considered youngsters, being under 500. Phoenix is the eldest of these at 245.

Approximately every millennia, a new generation of children is born from granite birthspheres. It takes 6 years to create a god, and the children emerge at five years old. If they don’t bond with an Elder, they die within a few hours.
None of the gods are related by blood, but are grouped into ‘elements’: Fire, Water, Air, Land. There are four corresponding Chieftains, (Higher gods) who rule and are given the children to raise. Phoenix is the second child of the deceased Sun god and raised by the Water Chieftain, a female immortal. His older ‘brother’ Drakus Kaelen has taken the dead god’s place as Fire Chieftain. Now that the Water Chieftain has gone into a self-imposed exile, Drakus has become Phoenix’s official guardian.

Kaldoa uses a combination of magic and technology. Those who are not adult immortals travel via Temporal Teleport. In book-canon, they come from the year 2785, a time when Earth and Kaldoa share trade and a healthy diplomatic relationship. In RP canon, I've had to reset this, it's 2009 on Kaldoa too, otherwise it's just too complicated.

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The Muse:
Phoenix Kaelen is the only angel from Kaldoa. Although one of the gods, he has shown no real power apart from the creation of the firebird at 12. He’s generally considered the runt of the litter and was abandoned by his ‘father’ whilst still in his birthsphere. He’s on 21st century Earth to try to find his connection with ‘real’ angels. There is a connection but he’s not destined to find it. His destiny lies on his own world.

He wears a talisman. to protect him from the pain he feels when in the presence of demons, vampires, and other beings associated with so-called evil. Shapeshifters are common on Kaldoa, and Phoenix is not the only immortal who is one. He always appears as a normal looking young man, but when in his true form, he has white wings (Not large enough for flight) and a band of light around his head which can’t be seen well in the daylight.

The only powers he might have are passive. Some feel a sense of comfort and peace when near him. Animals are calm around him, and predators do not attack him. He’s capable of producing small objects and illusions of tiny living creature from thin air. This is just a teleport trick and he can’t do it without the mobile-phone-looking device he carries everywhere. He’s unable to defend himself, causing any harm to anyone physically hurts him, and he relies on the teleport to move away from danger. This doesn’t mean he’s a coward, he’ll put himself between a loved one and danger if he can’t teleport them both away.

Phoenix is friendly, playful and can be naive about many things. He hardly shows any temper, and being unable to feel real anger or hatred, will engage in a childish argument rather than any real fight. In general, he likes to help, but there’s a mischievous streak there too. Hedonism isn't out of bounds just because he's an angel - those are the ways of his own world, which has no understanding of Christianity. And being an immortal, angel or not, he’s not subject to the same morality as that of mere mortals. Overall, he's kind and decent, often gets the wrong end of the stick, is prone to overthinking things, but the good intent is always there.

(OOC note: As per usual, this mun has a problem with het, but is doing her best to get over herself. Fade to black policy 99% of the time helps with this. If, in the rare circumstance that I'm prepared to get graphic, I'll let you know))

Origin in RP:
An OC, originally from a Doctor Who universe-based RPG, but is no longer based in any set fandom.

Phoenix Kaelen is completely my own invention from the book I hope to get around to writing properly for NaNo 2009. The RP journal differs from the story, and his backstory is occasionally adapted due to gaping plotholes. Nobody else owns him.

I do not own Ewan McGregor, he’s his own man.
(PB has blue eyes, the muse's eyes are also blue, in the irony!verse (isnt_it_ironic, fab comm, check it out) they're green: PB is 5'10", muse is 5' 11": Muse is young, and have tried to use younger shots of the PB (That boy has the best facial expressions evar)
Mun and muse are always happy to RP. PM’s welcome, as are comments on the ‘sticky’ post in Phoenix’s LJ.
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