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Phoenix Kaelen is an angel from another world, the only one of his kind. He has demonstrated no typical godlike powers, but getting to know, or talking to him, may induce a feeling of content and comfort in an individual. Equally, demons or vampires might be overly-interested in his air of 'innocence'. It's up to your muse to feel these effects or not.

Mun or muse can be reached here. Neither of us bite, and we both quite enjoy a bit of a laugh :)
(Please note, profile info is being modified a fair bit, always worth checking that over now and again)

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Wonderland 'verse
(Updated 30/06/09)
Irony!verse. (Updated 26/06/09)
Info link to the immortals: (Updated on 13th, feb, 2010)
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Demon 'verse RP markers.
cheeky demon
When Phoenix met Alec. (AU)

A change of career.

Meeting Aydin.

Balthasar! (ZOMG mun dies of cuteness. Demon not so sure)

Murder withdrawal.

The hunt. (RP for demon_shawn )


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Lies, damned lies and friendship. (RP with demon_shawn)
well hmmph


Nobody ASKS to be demon....Collapse )


*Le sigh* 'Nother AU. Sort of.
cheeky demon

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It's NOT conscience, merely ...curiosity.

((Wonderland verse, after this:  Inspired by demon_shawn 's Fics and RP's. And I hope you don't mind! Other muses are referred to with much ooc respect))
((ETA - Link now fixed))

On the night streets of the Royamune des DiamantesCollapse )

Demon!Phoenix vs Angel!phoenix and a new AU.
0 well now2

Wonderland 'verse.

Stuffs.Collapse )

Who'd be an angel? (RP invitation for alec_troven)


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It's mine and I'll hunt where I damn well like... (RP for demon_shawn)

Phoenix rather enjoys his sojourns topside. And since he's managed to behave himself, his owners, Hell's royal family, seem more than happy to allow it again.  As long as he continues not to cause havoc in the palace, be it accidentally poisoning monkeys, or insulting Lucifer's sister, or … Well, he's been good little incubus. He'll be leaving it at that. 

Santa Barbara's fun. He likes the bars. He particularly likes how easy it is to pick up a spot of dinner. Tonight it's a cute young male bartender. Dark hair, dark eyes, and a still a virgin, which is impressive in itself, and happens to be of Phoenix's favourite flavours. He's been flirting with the guy all night, but rather than endure all that ridiculous - "Oh wait, I'm going that way too, let me walk you home…" chat-up nonsense, he opts for the pleasure of stalking him home once the bar's closed up. 

He's doing just that thing, when he realises he can sense another supernatural being nearby. Somewhere. It's not a fucking angel that's for sure and if it thinks it's going to be sharing his supper… it's very much mistaken.



[[ooc: I thought I'd play this as - Phoenix already knows nondemon!Shawn. It's part of his RP canon, and he sees Shawn as a 'pet'. Phoenix is also quite possessive over Santa Barbara's favourite piece of tail. XD I know your demon guy interacts with dial_a_psychic a fair amount. Hope that fits in okay with you?]]

suspicious me?
Eek. Been a while since this poor guy was active. He's not retired, I just can't get a grip on him lately, so if anyone on my flist wants to add ashes_ascended  (The aged up version) They're more than welcome. He's a little busier in his adulthood.


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